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Into the CANYON

Part I

Story by NASTYA KFKS July 17th, 2017

After we spent 3 days in the City of Las Vegas, we moved next to our main destination of this whole trip – Grand Canyon! In Vegas there are a lot of tours with plenty of routes, you can choose any you like. We got a tour by bus from the city in early morning: Hoover Dam + Canyon helicopter tour!

While we were going to the Hoover Dam, they showed us a documentary about how it was built. Stunning stories and lots of hard work..we were impressed.

All pictures of the Dam from above I made from the Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, it is located just in front of the Dam. Cool that one side of the bridge in Nevada and other side is in Arizona )

IMG_3867 copy.jpg
IMG_3885 copy.jpg
IMG_3888 copy.jpg
IMG_3896 copy.jpg
IMG_3902 copy.jpg
IMG_3907 copy.jpg
IMG_3908 copy.jpg

We were amazed by construction! The view is so stunning, you can't just believe that you see this in real =____=

IMG_3911 copy.jpg
IMG_3936 copy.jpg
IMG_3916 copy.jpg
IMG_3933 copy.jpg

After we crossed the bridge we're in Arizona. Oh how beautiful the west coast is! Deserts and canyons everywhere, adore it!


There are 6 people in the helicopter including the pilot and before flying they сhecked weight of every passenger and showed your place in the aircraft.

IMG_3960 copy.jpg
IMG_3969 copy.jpg

This first picture where you can see the pilot and the edge of the Canyon, it is that exact moment when you just make a drop into the canyon! It was so terrifying and so breathtaking, I'll remember it all my life!) It was so awesome, you just literally can felt this drop; a second and you're flying inside of the canyon!!!


IMG_3986 copy.jpg
GOPR6749 copy.jpg
GOPR6762 copy.jpg


IMG_3990 copy.jpg
IMG_3992 copy.jpg
IMG_3996 copy.jpg
IMG_3998 copy.jpg
IMG_4002 copy.jpg
IMG_4012 copy.jpg

This anniversary is totally mind-bending! Thank you my dear family for this present - love you so much! You're the best!

Find the helicopter, feel the scale :)


I'm a fan of helicopters now ! Such a maneuverable bird :)

IMG_4036 copy.jpg
IMG_4039 copy.jpg

Light inside the Canyon is terrific. Landscape is amazing. It changing during the day, all this mysterious shadows and staggering silence - you feel like there is no civilizations yet, nature is so pure and so wild. You just stare on this beauty and can't say a word... Nature is absolutely stunning.

IMG_4048 copy.jpg
IMG_4054 copy.jpg

Next part is coming soon!